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Shorashim (Roots) is a song album,

pictures from my life, prayers, dreams,

a creation born out of a long journey - coming closer to myself,

out of the choice to unite the different parts in me into one,

to acknowledge the man, the Jewish, the Israeli, the Yemenite,

to acknowledge the sensitivity, the love of the word,

the simplicity and the spirituality in me

and to honor them in my life.

13 Songs written during the past decade

in many journeys of body and mind

through endless experiences and encounters

with people daring to dream and manifest

all the good this life can offer.

This project was born to support me

in manifesting this creation in the best possible way,

but nonetheless for me to tell you my story,

to ask you to come close,

sit around the fire, listen to stories and share thoughts

helping to make this a part of a bigger communal journey

a journey of coming closer, of unfolding and rediscovering.

This is my own personal path

but I see and believe it is a big path we all walk together

asking to let go of the old and to renew

asking to come closer, to be vulnerable and available

to feel the heart.

Practically - how does this work?

To become a part of the projects you pay a minimum of 50 Euro's

and of course, you are welcome to give more if you wish

In return you'll get:

*You'll be the first to get each new single 

and the complete album 

(digital. There will not be a physical version of the album)

*Enter a raffle and possibly win a Pantam (Hang drum)

Made by the "Yishama" group 

It is considered the best quality pantam in the world.

(F pigmy pantam is sold for 5,000 euro's)

*Become a member of a private group

where I will share exclusively through words,

music, clips, and live behind the scenes of my musical life 

and the creation of the album

*There will be another musical surprise coming soon

Join the Project

If you rather pay with PayPal or any other way

feel free to contact me at:

[email protected]

or on Whatsapp +972524206289

Unlike kickstart projects, there is no frame of time

and no visible tracking of the total sum collected

I'm in the midst of completing the album

with no dependency on this project.

My life, personal and professional

are rooted in the experience of a Tribe

where the main force is the human value

it's a process, not always easy but needed

out of the understanding that security,

nourishment and real comfort in our lives

are based on the sum of our relationships

their depth and quality.

I am grateful for the privilege to create and influence

to be surrounded by loving and caring human beings

and I pray that I will always know

how to use this force for the good,

life, happiness, and love.