״Music is the great storyteller of humanity. It holds every culture and language, every religion and mythology, every human dream, revolution and war. Music,though, can also take us beyond all stories, personal or collective. Through the power of sound, the power of vibration and transformation, it takes us into an experience of body and feeling, presence and fulfilment, connection and understanding beyond all words.״


Sound is a force of nature, it is vibration and movement. In a world made of vibrations sound is a force initiating transformation in everything it touches. The speed in which sounds effect our consciousness, thoughts, feelings and body, is immense and is easy to perceive. When the sounds are produced from inside our body, through the voice, the experience becomes even stronger, opening new possibilities for transformation, growth and healing.

An explorative journey in the mysteries of sound and voice leading to the music within us

A song playing on the radio carrying childhood memories and scents, a sharp screech sound shivering our body, a low thumping bass on a dance-club floor moving our body and the sound of birds inviting us to breath and relax - in one way or another we all know and experience the great force of sound and music.
Music is a force of nature taking us into an experience of presence and creativity, allowing us to communicate deeply beyond words and helping us to live a better and fuller life, but how do we approach it? ...continue reading

Pulsing - In depth meetings

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The Flute

Throuh the music into myself


11 - 15 October 'Pulsing' in Germany

Weekend retreat in Freiburg

✬ For information and booking contact Karin at - [email protected]

22- 25 November 'Pulsing' in Italy

Weekend retreat in Bolzano

✬ For information and booking contact Claire at - [email protected]

30 December - 2 January 'Pulsing' in Germany

Weekend retreat in Heft, Riedering

✬ For information and booking contact Stephanie at [email protected]