Pulsing - In Depth Meetings

An explorative journey in the mysteries of sound and voice

A song playing on the radio carrying childhood memories and scents, a sharp screech sound shivering our body, a low thumping bass on a dance-club floor moving our body and the sound of birds inviting us to breath and relax - in one way or another we all know and experience the great force of sound and music.
Music is a force of nature taking us into an experience of presence and creativity, allowing us to communicate deeply beyond words and helping us to live a better and fuller life, but how do we approach it? Is this force available also to non-musicians? and if so what is the way to experience it? These are just a few of the questions we will explore together using the simple tools available to everybody on the way to finding the music inside of us:

Listening is presence. listening to ourselves, our needs, our fears. listening to all that’s around us and how we relate to it. Listening is being open to receive and is the portal to the world of sound. Deep listening allows an authentic relationship with ourselves and life.

Breathing is the source of life and energy in our body and the connection to the rhythm and beat of music. In our heartbeat, blood stream and flow of air we find the rhythm of our own music. Listening to this rhythm and exercising our breath opens a door beyond thought to a world of creativity.

Vocalising (using our voice in any possible way - talking, screaming, singing, humming, crying, etc.) is a powerful tool of expression. So much has been researched and said about the amazing power of the human voice to create balance, connection and healing. The invitation in ‘Pulsing’ is to use the voice in connection to who we are in this moment, letting go of fears and false ideas of how it should be. Creating a new and honouring relationship with our expression shows us a way to honour all that is around us.

Playing is connecting to our child, expressing ourselves freely and stretching our boarders into new territories. In the space of music playing becomes easy and fun - games of rhythm and voice, body drumming, improvising, singing and dancing - playing music.

"Experiencing together the raw force of music"

✬ Pulsing is flexible to meet the requirements of the group as to the length and number of meetings
✬ No prior musical knowledge or experience is needed